Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My daughter is making a game.

My daughter Charlotte is wanting to make her own game! :D   I discussed a few ideas with her and she wants to make a game about a bogey. (WIP title: Bogey Man)

The main character is a freshly picked bogey who has to make his way through school to get to the bogey farm under the head-teachers chair. He has to avoid the dirty lickle boys who want to eat him! EWWW!

she had a great idea that instead of lots of different types of enemy the dirty lickle boys would have different costumes, like ghosts and vampires for halloween.

We're going to use a program I stumbled across yesterday called "Construct 2" so we can post it to the site as html5 (hopefully - will need to test to see if this is possible using blogger as our page)

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