Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Updated Zombie Piranha Poster

A quick update for 2017

Things are moving forward with more book and illustration projects coming together for 2017. I've also been working with Rich who has made great progress with bringing together a new more arcadey version of Zombie Piranha. I will post more updates and progress pics on the Putty CAD Games page here. We're aiming to have a fully playable version for the Leeds Games Expo in April.

I'm proud to once again be a judge and ambassador for Children's Reading Festivals UK. http://www.childrensreadingfestivals.com/ please check out the website for more details and if you have children make sure they check out the Poems and Pictures Poetry initiative created by Christina Gabbitas which is now in it's fifth year! Make sure you tell their teachers too, as the best poems will appear in the next volume of Children's Poems. The topics this year are Seasons and Climate Change.

I will also be attending the Selby children's Reading festival on Saturday 25th March. Please come along if you want a signed copy of my children's book A Knight Before Christmas. Click on the image below to visit the website.

Cartoon Indie Game Box Art Posters!

Fellow game devs, here are some of the posters I've made for our own and our friends games. Got a game of your own you'd like me to...