Monday, 24 November 2014

A Knight Before Christmas - a rhyming story book by Ric

Over 10 years in the making (well if you include sitting in a drawer gathering dust!)

I wrote this story way back and never got around to doing anything with it. This Christmas I'll be releasing it as an illustrated DRM free PDF e-book to all the backers of my upcoming indigogo campain. For just £1 you will get the book and your name (or a loved one's name if you intend to gift it) just in time for Christmas.

The story starts where the North Pole has been beseiged by a fiery dragon and Sant must go off in search of a brave knight to get rid of the dragon and save Christmas!

The book will be 24 pages long and full of my cartoony illustrations!

I hope you will check out the project and pledge for yourself or as a present to somebody!
Many thanks! Ric

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jerk Chickin - my first Windows 8.1 game

As my daughter will be learning Scratch at school I decided to come up with a simple game idea to use a touch screen which we could try and re-create in scratch.

 A discussion on Ga_Ma_Yo (Game Makers Yorkshire) mentioned Jerk Chicken (whatever that is) and an idea formed in my head.

Jerk Chickin - the game was born.

Basically a single player game where you drag the 'chickin' around the screen using your finger!

I won't give too much away yet but it features Jerk Chickin, Piggies and Mad Choppa the butcher!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

High Spirits - a comic strip by Ric

I entered the Jameson Whiskey Bursery challenge with my Oo? cartoon strip, unfortunately it was rejected due to the target market being too young to comply with advertising rules. So over the weekend I racked my brains and literally turned to booze for a more mature cartoon strip idea. Here I present HIGH SPIRITS about a group of bottles containing real spirits. If it gets greenlit I envisage a longer story made up of multiple 3-6 panel strips taking Whiskers and Ginny and their friends on a worldwide Booze Crooze, where they will encounter dangerous dangers and Rum bottle pirates! Ahoy me mateys! Wish us luck!
A sample strip with a very lame pun!

Tidy notes and elaborate sketches!

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