Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Found some plasticine in the cupboard! So here is my Christmas Sprout!

10 Minutes to Christmas!

An old friend Scott Watson got in touch as he is releasing his first Android App onto Google Play.

A ten level retro platformer game in the style of Manic Miner, Santa has to get through ten progressively harder levels of platform action to collect his presents for his slay or Christmas will be doomed!

I made some splash graphics for the intro and win/lose screens and music was provided by another blast from the past Gordon King.

If you're into retro style games with a bit of challenge please check it out. It's only 50p so grab it before it's too late to save Christmas! :D

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Artist available - cartoon illustrations and comic characters

I'm currently available for small art projects and commissions.

If you need a cartoon or illustration please get in touch. Low prices and fast turnaround.

Game art, Cartoon Illustrations, Blog panel gags, banners, logos etc.

NO JOB IS TOO SMALL! One offs are fine!

Contact me with your requirements!

;) Ric

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Putty CAD: Christmas Cards

Putty CAD: Christmas Cards: Want to own an original piece of art by Ric? All these Christmas cards are original hand drawn cartoons on quality card with envelopes. ...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

My boy was featured on Marvel's Costoberfest


My son Tommy was featured on the official Marvel "Costoberfest" page for Halloween along with other baby super heroes! Huge thanks to Judy at Marvel! I'm very proud he made it, and everyone thinks he is brilliant! He's a big fan of the Avengers and Hulk cartoons. Hulk is his favourite character, we didn't get him to pose, he's imitating the moves from the cartoon and dvd cover! :)

Click the link below to see the article on the Marvel blog...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

PS3 - playing 720p games via HDMI (skylanders) FIXED

Our family is hooked on Skylanders at the moment.

We traded in our old games to get a ps3 slim and the base package. It was playing fine using the included cable but I wanted to watch blu rays etc. on the ps3 too.

So I plugged in the hdmi cable and was pretty stunned by the 1080p menus, it's really slick. However every time I tried to load Skylanders the screen went black, the disc stopped whirring and the controller stopped responding.

I desperately searched the internet to find out what was wrong with a brand new system and none of the advice worked to get the game working via the HDMI cable. I won't go into all the 'solutions' here but they ranged from resetting the tv and console to physical repairs!!! WARNING DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET!

So failing to find anything that actually worked (having tried all the ones which wouldn't invalidate my warranty or damage the ps3), I explored the available settings on the PS3 itself. The problem actually lies in the TV which isn't able to display 720p, the only way I could get it to work was to go into the Display settings and DISABLE 720p in the CUSTOM HDMI settings. The game actually displays in the lower resolution but it was doing this anyway via the cable included.

Of course this may not work for everybody if there's a problem with the actual PS3 but if it's the TV this will save you a lot of sifting through technical BS and mis-information out there!

Hope this information helps people with the same problem, feel free to share it on forums etc. if it can help somebody else! ;)


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hang'Em High - Horror movie titles- OUT NOW from Appy Times

Check out Hang'Em High Horror Movie on Google Play!

A great little Hang Man game featuring different horror characters, classic mode and Horror Movie titles. Just in time for Halloween!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Cats - 20 year old game art found!

This is a piece of art I made around 20 years ago for a college project. I was working on my own game design using my Commodore Amiga 1200. For the college project we had to design a point of sale display stand. The bottom part of the image in front of the castle is on a separate piece of card. I took photos of the two pieces and overlaid them in photoshop with an added brown backdrop. The game featuring my cats at the time was never released and this is all I have left of it. I also started working on a sequel Peow Cats when I was learning to make games using The Games Factory on PC but that wasn't finished.

Putty CAD: Zombie Xmas Cards

Putty CAD: Zombie Xmas Cards: Want to own an original piece of art by Ric? All these Zombie Christmas cards are original hand drawn cartoons on quality card with envelop...

Monday, 8 October 2012

Hand drawn - Zombie Christmas Cards - Order now!

Bored of the same old Christmas greeting cards? Why not treat your loved ones to original hand drawn cartoon Christmas cards by Ric?

Several designs to choose from, each one individually drawn by Ric himself so each one is unique!

For starters here are a gore-geous set of Zombie Christmas cards! You can choose one design or buy the whole set of four cards!

To view the prices and order please click on the tab at the top of the page!

Happy holidays!

;) Ric

Monday, 1 October 2012

I'm a character in somebody else's game!

A while ago Nicoll Hunt asked people to come up with a name for the hero of his new game 'Fist of AWESOME!'

As the character is a lumberjack I suggested the name Tim Baaaa which was a finalist in the comp. The final name was Tim Burr.

As a reward all the finalists get to be in the game in retro pixelly goodness. Here is the link to Nicoll's blog with a picture of the in-game characters!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Get your own character design by Ric...

Special offer for paypal customers:
Want a simple cartoon character to represent you or your business? Scroll down for examples. Prices start at just £40 for one character in one pose digital pack (emailed) and includes various size images with transparent backgrounds, avatars and banners to use on twitter, facebook, websites and blogs. As a bonus I will also post any original pen/pencil sketches made while working on the character to any mainland UK address for no additional charge.

;) Ric

Sunday, 12 August 2012

140 Characters - Tukxi Tuc Tuc Taxi - Lyme Regis

Another character created, this time for Tukxi Tuc Tuc Taki at Lyme Regis

Please check out his site at

If you would like your own character for your website or blog please get in touch prices start at just £40 for one character in one pose like the example above.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Business Cards from Moo

Arrived just in time for tonight's Ga_Ma_Yo meetup! 

140 characters - Licky Likey

I finished another "140 characters" logo yesterday.

Licky Likey wanted a cartoon of "Lulu" their Ice cream van for their website and twitter avatar etc. So here is the finished result...

Please check out their website and try their delicious Ice Cream!

If you want your own mascot or site cartoon please get in touch.

;) Ric

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Gremlin Graphics Reunited at Games Britannia

Gremlin Graphics Re-United - Monty Mole Games Jam

On Friday I headed down to Magna at Sheffield to mentor a group of school children and their teacher on a Monty Mole game jam, as part of Gremlin Reunited at the Games Britannia show.

The kids were really enthusiastic and came up with a brilliant storyline involving a post nuclear apocalypse Monty Jr, trying to get medicine to save the original Monty Mole from radiation sickness, whilst avoiding soldiers and military drones. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Jacob Habgood (SHU) who was overseeing the teams and made sure we knew where we needed to be and looked after us. One of his students Wesley Arthur was on hand to help the kids with the programming side of things and made good use of Game Maker to get Monty moving and help the kids design levels.

Team Utopia designing levels & testing gameplay.

The game jam was being filmed for Blue Peter with CBBC's Barney Harwood. I'm not sure when it will be shown but my own kids were very excited about that! (they really love "Bear Behaving Badly" with Barney)

Gremlin Graphics produced some of my favourite games when I was growing up, especially the Monty Mole series and games like Thing on a Spring, Potty Pigeon and Bounder. I was about 12 when the first Monty game was released in 1984 during the Miners Strikes and I remember seeing it on the local news, I didn't really understand the political side of things, but I really enjoyed the gameplay and the main character Monty.

Through Jacob I was introduced to my gaming heroes Peter Harrap and Tony Crowther, I also got to meet Ben Daglish and had a nice chat with Ian Stewart the original founder of Gremlin Graphics.

Tony Crowther, myself and Peter Harrap!

A massive thanks to the brilliant Mark Hardisty (Games Britannia) and fantastic Jacob Habgood (Sheffield Hallam University) for inviting me along to the jam and being such great hosts. I hope the kids got as much from the experience as I did, and go on to create their own games! It was a great opportunity for me to work on something I loved and I am very proud to have been part of!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Avatar Euro Penalty Shootout XBLIG

Have kindly been sent a video from the makers of Avatar Euro Penalty Shootout XBLIG

If you haven't played it please do so, it's in the indy section of xbox live, and support our fellow indy game developers!

You can see the banners I made for clearly in this vid:

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mister Whippet - Yorkshire Ices - OUT NOW!

Its summertime and the sun is getting hotter. Luckily Mr Whippet has brought his ice cream van to the park.
Fancy an ice cold delight?   Looks like your dog fancies one too!
Can you keep the melting ice cream from falling off your cone?Tilt your device left and right to keep your icecream on the cone.Post your high score onto Socialize network or sign into Twitter and show off to your friends

Monday, 25 June 2012

Xbox 360 indy game...

Ian Hamblin ( & Phil Lutas  have released their first game for Xbox360 - Avatars Euro Penalty Shootout, if you look at the banners behind the nets, they're the ones I created for Appy Times Software. They very  kindly included them to add a touch of colour to the background.

Please check out the game and make sure you rate it to support a fellow indy developer! :)

In Ian's game my Batman avatar helps England to victory! Fantasy football!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Putty CAD: SPECIAL OFFERS!: Currently I am offering a very special deal on cartoon and caricature commissions for social network users. For just £40 you will get your...

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thom Clancy

Had the pleasure of doing a little design job for Thom Clancy today, high profile gaming consultant and son of world famous author Tom Clancy.

His words on completion...

"We called Ric in for a spur of the moment job, and he surpassed all our expectations. He had samples back to us within an hour and a completed project by end of day. I, personally, can't thank him enough, and am proud to have him on board as a valued resource." - Thom Clancy

Shall be keeping this at the top of my page for a while! Thanks Thom! :D

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cartoon commissions open! Special Offers!

I'm currently running a special offer on cartoon characters for websites banners, blog headers and avatars.

For just £40 all inc. you can have your own full colour digital cartoon character designed just for you in your requested style! Plus you will also get the original pencil sketch to keep via post (included in price mainland UK, overseas add £5)

To make it easier to submit a request here are some ideas:

Body type: Human, Animal, Object (yes if you want it to be a toaster, a flower or a sausage that's fine!)
Male or Female.
Colour for skin or other main parts of the design.
Occupation or hobby
Caricature? (If you want the character to look like you, include a few photos from different angles if poss)
Special instructions (any other special requirements)

That's about it, please contact via email, you can also get in touch via twitter:

Payments can be made by Paypal or direct Bank Transfer. Please look at the guidelines above and do not request anything which is copyrighted or offensive. First come first served! Do not send payment until we have agreed the basic design.


Thursday, 7 June 2012 gallery

I've requested a gallery at It lets you order canvas prints of your Instagram photos. Will be putting some cool piccies up there! Do us a favour and visit it, please press the Request Opening button to speed up the process! #virtualhug

Duck & Badger

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Zombie Piranha - Updated Postcard

Updated the Zombie Piranha postcard image with the logo and web address.

Cartoon - Happy National Hug Your Cat Day - via twitter

Saw this trending on twitter and a cartoon popped into my head - like they do! #happynationalhugyourcatday

The original B&W pen sketch for this was drawn on a blank postcard, if anybody wants it, it can be yours for just £5 inc P&P to a UK mainland address. First come first served!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Duck & Badger

Started writing a comic on holiday last year called Duck & Badger. Going to start publishing it as a webcomic so I can work on it each week. Will post it to the blog and see if there's some kind of comic plugin too.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saucy Seaside Postcard - Zombie Piranha

Painted a spoof saucy seaside postcard featuring the Zombie Piranha character. I have 10 cards roughed out so I will paint them all if I have time. I wanted to create the feel of a 70s Carry On style naughty postcard so some are going to be a bit cheeky! (Pun intended)

Cartoon Indie Game Box Art Posters!

Fellow game devs, here are some of the posters I've made for our own and our friends games. Got a game of your own you'd like me to...