Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Share Some Secrets - a children's story book about child safety by Christina Gabbitas

I've recently worked with Christina Gabbitas a brilliant and enthusiastic children's author, poet and voice artist.   You may have seen her Felicity Fly stories in WHSmiths and Waterstones or at one of her many signings or school events.   Her latest book is written for children but tackles the subject of children at risk in a way that young children, their parents and teachers can comfortably read the story together and discuss the difference between good and bad secrets.

Share Some Secrets
Christina is very passionate about the subject and wanted to raise awareness from an early age, hopefully this book will help! I agreed to help her by doing the illustrations and helping to spread the word about her book and kickstarter.

I hope you will join me in supporting Christina and her work by donating a small amount to the kickstarter:

In return for your generosity there are some great rewards, sneaky peeks at the work in progress artwork and story, and most importantly if the book helps any children to share their bad secrets it could change their lives for the better! Please share the kickstarter and webpage with all of your friends and families.

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