Thursday, 28 February 2013


I’m Doo Doo Doodling something funny for money for Red Nose Day 2013  to raise cash and change lives both here in the UK and in Africa.

To make it more fun I joined the celebrity Sarah Millican's team via Twitter, in an attempt, along with others, to raise a million pounds towards the total!

Every time my total reaches a multiple of £10 I am drawing a "doo doo" doodle cartoon and posting it to my page!   Lets DOO DOO this! #twittermillion #twittermillican

I've already raised £100 and here are a few of the Doo Doo Doodles:

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Taking Back B.O.B. - game available on iTunes

This is an older game I provided graphics for. It's a simple retro game crossed between Frogger and Lunar Lander with high-res graphics. As you play the game the story unfolds. Please check it out on the iTunes App store. Taking Back B.O.B.

A number of B.O.B.'s (Bioluminescent Organic Buddies) were kidnapped by the evil Dr. Snerv. His plan is to mash them into an energy pool so that he can build his Super-Duper-Planet-Blaster. Fortunately, you found a way into the lab and got the B.O.B.s out. Now you just have to get them back home! 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dinki - Needs your support!

On the 1st January I decided to make a comic book, but not an ordinary comic book. In the past I've started comic books and got distracted with work and projects for other people, which makes it hard to dedicate time to sit down and draw my own comics. So what I'm doing is adding a single panel to the story every single day of 2013 around midnight. To make it more fun I only draw what pops in my head each night based on what happened in the previous panel. When each month is complete I plan on releasing them as physical comics that people can buy.
You can follow the story as it evolves on twitter:
Also the panels are posted at Facebook:
Please help to spread the word about this project if you enjoy the cartoons!
The first comic should be going to print in about a months time.

Cartoon Indie Game Box Art Posters!

Fellow game devs, here are some of the posters I've made for our own and our friends games. Got a game of your own you'd like me to...