Sunday, 4 November 2012

My boy was featured on Marvel's Costoberfest


My son Tommy was featured on the official Marvel "Costoberfest" page for Halloween along with other baby super heroes! Huge thanks to Judy at Marvel! I'm very proud he made it, and everyone thinks he is brilliant! He's a big fan of the Avengers and Hulk cartoons. Hulk is his favourite character, we didn't get him to pose, he's imitating the moves from the cartoon and dvd cover! :)

Click the link below to see the article on the Marvel blog...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

PS3 - playing 720p games via HDMI (skylanders) FIXED

Our family is hooked on Skylanders at the moment.

We traded in our old games to get a ps3 slim and the base package. It was playing fine using the included cable but I wanted to watch blu rays etc. on the ps3 too.

So I plugged in the hdmi cable and was pretty stunned by the 1080p menus, it's really slick. However every time I tried to load Skylanders the screen went black, the disc stopped whirring and the controller stopped responding.

I desperately searched the internet to find out what was wrong with a brand new system and none of the advice worked to get the game working via the HDMI cable. I won't go into all the 'solutions' here but they ranged from resetting the tv and console to physical repairs!!! WARNING DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET!

So failing to find anything that actually worked (having tried all the ones which wouldn't invalidate my warranty or damage the ps3), I explored the available settings on the PS3 itself. The problem actually lies in the TV which isn't able to display 720p, the only way I could get it to work was to go into the Display settings and DISABLE 720p in the CUSTOM HDMI settings. The game actually displays in the lower resolution but it was doing this anyway via the cable included.

Of course this may not work for everybody if there's a problem with the actual PS3 but if it's the TV this will save you a lot of sifting through technical BS and mis-information out there!

Hope this information helps people with the same problem, feel free to share it on forums etc. if it can help somebody else! ;)


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