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More published games with art by Ric:


Platypus 2 - Boxed PC/MAC - Idigicon Ltd - additional GFX, cover art
Mumble Jumble - PC/MAC - Idigicon Ltd - GFX
Double Top Deluxe - PC/MAC - Idigicon Ltd - GFX
Word YO! - PC/MAC - Idigicon Ltd - GFX, cover art


Aliens Go Boom - (AOL) - GFX
Ice Breakers - (AOL) - GFX
Ice Breakers 2 Penguin Pirates - (AOL) - GFX


Off The Hook -  IOS - Games of Tomorrow LLC - GFX
Taking back B.O.B. - IOS - Games of Tomorrow LLC - GFX


Clone Zoo - Puttycad/AppyTimes - GFX
Zombie Bash - Puttycad/AppyTimes - GFX
ZombiePiranha - Puttycad/AppyTimes - GFX
Wacky Tackle - Puttycad/AppyTimes - GFX
Mister Whippet - Puttycad/AppyTimes - GFX

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