Monday, 9 September 2013

Zool fan art and Monty Mole artwork from the Games Britannia Game Jams

Don't think I posted these images before, but I was invited to help out at the Games Britannia 2013 Game Jam. Following the success of the 2012 one where I helped out with some Monty Mole games for the schools taking part in the competition. Being an avid fan and sometimes retro-remaker of the beloved Gremlin Graphics games I grew up playing in the 80s, I jumped at the chance to share my passion for the games with others and lent my skills as a graphic artist to help out the kids with their games.

A vectorised version of the old Gremlin Logo.

Monty Mole returns to help Monty Mole Jr in the apocalypse!

Monty Mole Jr sets off on his adventures.

For 2013 the theme was switched to another of Gremlins heroes... Zool. I worked on box art this time, the kids were even more enthusiastic this time and they had created some amazing artwork, so my part of the jam was mainly doing layout work for them which was great fun and gave them a lot of pride to see their work on the boxes.

Before the Jam I created a quick vector version of the Zool artwork from the original box for fun (like you do!) :D I didn't use this but thought I'd share it on my blog anyway...

The original box artwork.

My vector version Fan Art.

I was a huge fan of Gremlin Games and look forward to seeing what else they resurrect in the future and hopefully we will see new titles appear from their brilliant archive of games with character. I would especially love to see the return of Jack The Nipper! (Maybe next time?..)

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