Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Kickstarter 100% funded! 4 days left

On the 1st January I decided to start doodling a picture story by adding a single panel every day on twitter. It's now almost May and I've got around 120 panels drawn and am putting them together in little comics. I took the idea to kickstarter and have raised money to get the first couple of comics printed (4 days left if anybody wants to check it out before it ends). http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/puttycad/dinki

I was considering getting the comics printed anyway to take to comic fairs etc. but using crowd funding takes out some of the financial risk involved.

The fact that I'm only adding one panel a day means I never get bored with the project and don't give myself any excuses not to do it. I have no idea what each day will bring and there are no rules so I can introduce new characters and other elements whenever I feel like it, I didn't want the cartoons to have too much filler panels and concentrate on the action. It's a bit like Tom and Jerry but with dinosaurs and scary beasties (and monkeys, don't forget the monkeys!).

When the 12 planned comics are finished (1 per month of 2013) I'll probably concentrate on individual Dinki story books and other spin off projects, animation, games, toys.

I don't know if this will inspire anyone to try their own comic kickstarters or daily doodle stories, but it's a lot of fun if you do!

;) Ric

(@cartoonsbyRic and @DinkiDinosaur on twitter)

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