Thursday, 8 August 2013

FREE Dinki Dinosaur COMIC! Download now!

As many of you will have seen on twitter etc. my Dinki comic has been nominated in the British Comic Awards 2012/13

To celebrate this exciting news I am giving away Dinki comic #1 for FREE for a little while.

To grab our copy please share this post on twitter or facebook (optional but it helps spread the word) then download a DRM FREE PDF of the comic which you can save to your computer and transfer to whatever device you want to read it on!

Click here to download Dinki #1 for FREE!

I'll leave the file up for around a week so please grab it while you can for FREE! And please tell as many people as possible!

Thanks for everybody who has supported Dinki so far! You can follow his daily doodle progress at Pop in and say hi, I follow everybody back on the Dinki account! 8(:)p #Dinki

Cheers! ;) Ric

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