Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Android App Test using Mobile Conduit's free app builder

Today I made an Android app which takes content from this website http://www.puttycad.co.uk and shows latest updates etc.

I used an online app generator called Mobile Conduit. Fairly easy to use, although still in Beta, so some functions and marketing tools etc. aren't totally implemented yet.   Did I mention the service is FREE! For that alone I thought it was worth playing around with and was pleased with the results.

the Android apps have to go through and approval process to go on the Market but hopefully that shouldn't be a problem. Until I find out if it's up, here's a link to the test web version and a pic of it on my Android phone using the Conduit Preview App. The iPhone App process requires you to have a Mac and an iTunes developer account before you can submit the app for approval.

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