Friday, 5 December 2014

A Knight before Christmas - 20% funded already - two weeks to go!

Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who's checked out my indiegogo book project so far.

Making really good progress on the artwork! Will post more updates to the project shortly so please bookmark it and follow me on twitter too! ;)

Here's a bit more info if you haven't seen it yet:

I've just launched an indigogo for my new children's rhyming picture book! The book is a story about Santa and friends, when the North Pole gets an unwelcome visitor in the shape of a fire breathing dragon he must find a brave knight to save Christmas. The book will be FREE to download on 19th DEC (2 weeks) but if you donate just £1 you can get a name in the back in time for Christmas. I'm also offering the page sketches as higher rewards! The book will be released as a DRM free PDF and would make a nice present on a kids tablet etc! MERRY CHRISTMAS! ;) Ric

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